We produce high quality extra virgin olive oil from five different olive varieties. All our varieties are perfectly suited to the Mediterranean climate of the Algarve region. As a result each oil has its own unique characteristics and pairs well with different culinary dishes.


Discover its unique flavour

At Monterosa we produce high quality olive oil from the town of Moncarapacho, in the East of Algarve. Our extra virgin olive oil comes from 15 hectares of olive groves situated just outside the town. We pick the olives by hand in the autumn and take them directly to our mill. There, they are ground to a paste in a granite stone mill, which dates back to Roman times. The fresh oil is extracted using state of the art equipment, filtered and stored in stainless steel vats until it is bottled. The result is an olive oil of the highest quality – Monterosa Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


We produce 5 different Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils, 4 of them monovarietals: Verdeal, Maçanilha, Picual, Cobrançosa and Selection which is created with the finest batches of our varieties, selected by the Monterosa tasting panel.

We also produce another Extra Virgin Olive Oil called “Horta do Félix” which is a combination of the Monterosa varieties.

There are differences in the aromas and character between them. Verdeal is the softest and Cobrançosa is the most peppery. The others are in between.

But there is much more than the pepperiness to judge. The bitterness and the fruitiness also vary, as do a host of other aromas and sensations. Our olives are picked early in the season when their content of healthy antioxidants is at its highest. 

All our Olive Oils are produced following a certified Best Practices system that assures respect for the environment and the consumer.

The best way to find out which variety you like most is to try them all.


It all began in 1969 with Detlev von Rosen moving from Sweden to Portugal in order to produce iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and dill during the winter months for the Northern European markets. The mild climate of the Algarve region was ideal for this.

The business was a success but due to difficulties in getting the products to London, Hamburg and Gothenburg, production quickly changed to ornamental plants in 1972. There was an emerging market for these and they could handle longer transportation times. The activity prospered over the years to become one of the important ornamental plants nurseries in Europe.

The olives came later, by chance.  The olive tree, which needs little irrigation, substituted an orange grove, as a consequence of several dry years. Olive trees have been present in the Algarve for thousands of years but in modern times the tradition of making olive oil has almost been lost. In 2000 Monterosa set itself the challenge to produce a Premium olive oil in Algarve.




Monterosa olive oils were distinguished at the New York International Olive Oil Competition for the tenth consecutive year.

This is the most prestigious international extra virgin olive oil competition, with 1244 oils from 28 countries taking part.

The jury awarded the silver medal to the olive oils Monterosa Maçanilha and Monterosa Selection, our premium blend.

The olive oil Monterosa Cobrançosa won the much-desired gold medal.


Olive Japan is Japanese competition for Extra Virgin Olive Oils held in Tokyo. Since 2018 our olive oils have been awarded in this competition and this year was no exception.

The olive oils Monterosa Cobrançosa, Monterosa Picual and Monterosa Selection won gold medals. The Monterosa Maçanilha olive oil stood out with a silver medal.


In France, Monterosa Cobrançosa olive oil was awarded with a bronze medal.

Monterosa Maçanilha was also distinguished once again with a Gourmet Certificate. Prizes awarded by the Huiles du Monde competition.



Participate in a guided tour through the world of olive oil.

Learn about the entire production process and how Monterosa olive oil is extracted through a guided tour of the olive grove and mill, accompanied by a tasting of Premium olive oils, the only way to compare our varieties and appreciate their qualities.

Duration of activity: approximately 75 minutes.

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