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M o n t e r o s a V a r i e t i e s

Monterosa Varieties

The Monterosa Premium range is made up of five olive oils full of flavor and aroma. Four of these are monovarietal olive oils – Verdeal, Picual, Cobrançosa and Maçanilha, our regional variety; the fifth named Selection is a mix of our varieties. In addition to these, we also produce Monterosa Horta do Félix olive oil, also a mixture of our varieties but more suitable for use in the kitchen.

Produzimos cinco azeites Premium, quatro deles monovarietais, Verdeal, Maçanilha, Picual, Cobrançosa e um Selection que é produzido com uma mistura de excelência de variedades devidamente selecionadas pelo painel de provadores internos da equipa Monterosa. Produzimos ainda um azeite virgem extra designado por “Horta do Félix” que combina uma selecção das nossas variedades.


In an area of ​​15ha in Moncarapacho, in the eastern Algarve, we produce the olives that give rise to Monterosa Extra Virgin olive oils, which highlight the olive growing potential of our region.

Step by step, we seek to maintain quality by focusing on good practices in the olive grove and in the mill. Harvesting at the ideal moment of maturation and the reduced waiting time between harvesting and extraction are some of the practices that allow us to reach our goal.

At Horta do Félix we pick the olives manually while they are still green. This moment makes all the difference as it brings us more intensity and freshness felt in every drop of our olive oil. After harvesting and selection, the olives are immediately transported to the mill, where the oil is extracted, filtered, stored and later bottled.

Throughout the production process we focus on circularity, transforming waste into new resources: we crush the pruning firewood between the olive groves and return the waste obtained from olive oil extraction to the soil, in the form of compost.

azeite extra virgem

Verdeal Premium

Um azeite muito suave, com um frutado agradável de ervas frescas e amendoas que acompanha bem; saladas, tomates, pão, sopas frias e molhos.

azeite extra virgem

Maçanilha Premium

Muito elegante, com um frutado rico e um travo a ervas frescas acabadas de cortar. Um azeite fresco, que termina deixando um ligeiro travo picante.

azeite extra virgem

Frantoio Premium

Fresco, frutado, picante e amargo, com notas de hortelã-pimenta e erva verde. Ótimo para temperar legumes crus e cozinhados.
azeite extra virgem

Selection Premium

Uma agradável combinação de picante e frutado, ampliados por um toque de amargo.

azeite extra virgem

Horta do Félix

Um sabor leve, frutado, com um ligeiro amargo e picante.

azeite extra virgem

Picual Premium

Toma o seu lugar quando acompanha; peixe, carne e legumes.

azeite extra virgem

Cobrançosa Premium

Bom para utilizar com carne ou molhos com sabor acentuado.


Unique flavors.

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the olive oil

T h e e s s e n c e o f p u r i t y o n y o u r p a l a t e .

The essence of purity on your palate.

It all started in 1969 with Detlev von Rosen who came from Sweden to Portugal, to produce vegetables during the winter months for the northern European markets, where they were only available in the summer. The mild climate of the Algarve region was ideal for this. It was a success, but due to difficulties in transporting the product to London, Hamburg and Gothenburg, it switched production to ornamental plants in 1972. This was an emerging market and the products could withstand longer transport times. The activity prospered over the years, becoming one of the most important ornamental plant nurseries in Europe.

The olive grove later replaced an orange grove as a result of several years of drought. The olive tree, which needs little watering, has been present in the Algarve for thousands of years, although in modern times the tradition of making olive oil in the region was almost lost. It was in 2000 that the Monterosa company embarked on this challenge of producing high quality Quinta Olive Oil in the Algarve.


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Take part in a guided tour through the world of olive oil.

Find out about the entire production process and how Monterosa olive oil is extracted through a guided tour of the olive grove and mill, accompanied by a tasting of Premium olive oils, the only way to compare our varieties and appreciate their qualities.

Activity duration: approximately 75 minutes.

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